How to Attract Your Ideal Reader

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How to Attract Your Ideal Reader by Tanya BrockettIn the book publishing classes I taught, I worked with many first-time authors. One of their greatest fears was that no one would read their books. This fear kept many of them from finishing their books, because if it is not finished, they can’t expect anyone to read it, right? In this post, we are going to discuss how to attract your ideal reader so you can stop using that as an excuse for not sharing your message.

The Concept

Why do you want to learn how to attract your ideal reader? Won’t they just find you on Amazon and buy your book? Maybe, but not likely. They have to have a reason to find your book and you have to give them that reason. To better attract that ideal reader, it helps to know whom you are trying to attract.

Who is Your Ideal Reader?

Identify that ideal reader by giving them an avatar. If you already have an audience for your blog or previous books, this may be easier for you because you can learn directly from them. If not, imagine: what does your reader look like, what is their name, what age are they, where do they live, what do they like, etc.? What experiences have they gone through that make them want to pick up your book? Visualize that reader with your book in their hands. What are they asking for? If you took them out to lunch, what would they tell you about your book subject? What questions would they ask you? Make him/her real and your book/writing will become more real to the reader.

Write Something Worthy

One way to attract and engage readers is to write something worthy. Not only should you write something of quality (grab our free tips bundle at, but also something that connects to them in a way that is worthy of their time and energy. When you know who your ideal reader is, you can write about what they want and need to know, and thus serve them better. Knowing your ideal reader helps not only in providing words they want to read but sharing them in a way they want to receive them. As you picture that ideal reader, what do you want them to know?

“You Be You”

Knowing to whom you are writing helps you to be authentic in your expression to your reader. You won’t have to hold back or fear offending someone when you know your reader feels and thinks like you or at least doesn’t mind that you do. When you are not caught up in “what will they think of me?” you can write a much better piece. Remember, what other people think of you is none of your business! Write from your point of authenticity and the reader who aligns with that will appreciate your writing.

Your Ideal Reader Makes Writing Easier

When you know your ideal reader, writing becomes easier. That is why some writers will put a picture or image of their reader avatar on their computer so they can keep that reader in mind while they write. Your writing can then be more personal and feel more like direct communication.

When you have a specific recipient in mind, you have a much easier time communicating your ideas…. Give your ideal reader a name, a personality, interests, worries, and a birthday. Then, every time you write, write for that one person. —Ali Hale,

Master marketer and prolific author Joe Vitale does this in his marketing and writing. He writes each of his books with an individual reader in mind, not the millions who will eventually end up reading his books. He writes to one and it resonates with many.

Deeper Dive to Your Ideal Reader

There are lots of resources for really digging deep into the psyche of your ideal reader. One that I find most engaging is from Kimberley Grabas has a very authentic series on understanding your reading audience. Not only does she suggest the details you need to know about your reader, she also provides the means by which you can get the information.


To alleviate the fear of not having any readers for your books or writing, decide to whom you want to write, create an avatar of that reader, and write your material to them. Doing so may not only make your information more appealing to your ideal reader but also make it easier and more enjoyable for you to write it. Please feel free to comment on this topic of how to attract your ideal reader. I would love to know your approach and what works for you.

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Tanya Brockett helps authors, experts, and entrepreneurs to write and edit a book that their readers will love while empowering them to live a life they love. She is a speaker, editor, writer, and mentor to awesome clients around the world. Connect with Tanya on LinkedIn (/TanyaBrockett), on Facebook (/HallagenInk) and through her website at Join her Live Your Best Life Now Course at

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