Client’s Book, Love to Live By, is a #1 New Release on Amazon

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Client’s Book, Love to Live By, is a #1 New Release on Amazon

Love to Live By cover

#1 New Release on Amazon

Passion pays. Hallagen Ink client, author Karen Mann Nelson, turned her passion for writing into a #1 New Release on Amazon today. But it is the love that infuses each page that really makes this book soar.

Karen is an absolutely beautiful (inside and out) mother of ten children who shares her experiences of love, loss, healing, wonder, joy, laughter, and the wisdom they represent so that readers can experience the majesty of her teaching in their own lives.

As the editor and designer of the book, I went through the book with a keen focus, yet I wished I had read this book for my own benefit years ago! The guidance and golden nuggets of wisdom within these pages are so profound at times. The way she shares her stories and the perspective she offers will truly enlighten you from page to page. I am so grateful to have been a part of the journey for this debut author.

Here is an excerpt from the book description:

This is an “Incredible Journey” book. It takes you into the mind and heart of a woman who was blessed with the chance to raise ten children in her, now, forty-two-year marriage. To capture all she was learning “along the way,” she would write down “Mom’s Philosophies of Life” onto little scraps of paper and shove them into her pockets. At night, she would take them out and write short essays about the things that brought her joy, suffering, beyond imaginable “crazy,” heartache, happiness, wonder, dancing, answers, healing, voices, magic, laughter, light, and miracles. These paper messages have now become a toolbox; a treasure box called LOVE TO LIVE BY.

One thing that is so helpful in gleaning the most memorable thoughts from this book is that it is organized by topic within each of its fifteen chapters. From “Inspired Living,” to “Parenting & Children,” to “Giving & Being of Service,” there is so much to gain from this delightful book. And you can just jump into any subject, grab a few nuggets to satisfy yourself, and then go about your day. You can then pick it back up at any time and learn to love more.

I encourage you to take the advice of Connie Ragen Green who wrote the foreword for the book: “Visualize her sitting next to you, taking your hands in hers, and telling you what you already know but may have long since forgotten. For in reading what Karen has written here, we are all so much closer to experiencing God’s love for each of us.”

Love to Live By may be just what we all need right now.

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Tanya Brockett helps authors, experts, and entrepreneurs to write and edit a book that their readers will love while empowering them to live a life they love. She is a speaker, editor, writer, and mentor to awesome clients around the world. Connect with Tanya on LinkedIn (/TanyaBrockett), on Facebook (/HallagenInk) and through her website at Buy a copy of Tanya’s latest book exclusively at

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