“You Either Make Money, or You Make Excuses”

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Speaking coach Benji Bruce used this statement to close his e-mail recently: “You either make money, or you make excuses.” What a perfect line to see after the week I just had!

Business Retreat

make moneyI recently returned from a five-day business retreat in Santa Barbara, California, with Connie Ragen Green (click HERE for her signature course). It was a great experience to work side-by-side with several entrepreneurs who are so far ahead of me that I couldn’t help but grow. And working with Connie empowers and challenges you to rise to the top. Working with her requires commitment and dedication to yourself, to your business, and to your tribe. She creates the perfect trifecta in multiple ways.

Commitment to Yourself

When you are ready to make a decision to stop living small, you must then commit to honoring and valuing your own time and resources. If you don’t, who will? As an entrepreneur, you have to work harder for yourself than you ever will for someone else. After all, aren’t you just as worthy? Of course you are! Commit to setting and keeping your boundaries, and be rigid in your determination to adhere to those boundaries.

When you don’t commit to yourself, you are not shining the light on your fabulous talents that everyone should be benefiting from. “Don’t hide your light under a bushel.” See yourself being disciplined and focused, recognize your own gifts and talents, and then become what you and others deserve to see. (Connie can often see your potential before you do.)

Commitment to Your Business

For the past several years, I have allowed myself to get comfortable with playing small. This doesn’t mean that I don’t have fabulous clients who live, love, and do business in large ways, it just means that I wasn’t doing that for myself. Instead of sharing the opportunity for others to work with me, I was simply allowing clients to come my way.

It doesn’t benefit your business to play small. When you play small, you don’t create the information and resources that your clients need to blossom and grow. When you play small, you don’t make yourself accessible to your clients in ways that are comfortable or convenient for them. When you play small, you don’t develop as many resources as you are capable of creating. So instead of playing small, commit to growing your business for the highest good of all.

Commitment to Your Tribe

Your tribe consists of those who look to you for information, guidance, support, and mentorship. (Everyone deserves a great guide!) Your tribe may be a part of your business or book e-mail list. These are people who have agreed that you have provided something of value at some point in the past, and they expect more of the same. You owe it to them to keep sharing your value.

Creating new courses and guides, writing new blog posts, and sharing access to valuable resources helps your tribe to prosper and grow. Who are you to keep that from them? Shouldn’t they be the ones to decide if they can use the information you provide? Avoid making that choice for them. Give them a chance to benefit from what you have to offer.

Are You Making Money or Excuses?

I learned many valuable things over the past week working with my mentor and fellow colleagues. Are you allowing yourself to learn and grow? When would now be a great time to stretch yourself, your business, and your reach? Yeah, perhaps now. Remember, “you either make money, or you make excuses.” I would rather stop playing small and grow my business so it can add more value to my life and the lives of others.

To your overall success,


PS Last week’s retreat was a special live event, but you can join Connie’s signature course: The Internet Marketing Six-Pack from wherever you are. Let me know if you start providing more, meaningful information to your tribe as a result, and I will provide you with 15% OFF for your next editing project—large or small. (This is great for e-books, information guides, books, and blog posts. Offer valid for a limited time. Don’t sit on this!)

PPS Choose to make money instead of excuses.


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“You Either Make Money, or You Make Excuses” — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks for sharing those thoughts about commitment to self. I’ve been in the ‘rat race’ of pleasing others for so long that I am having a difficult time shifting to a mode of pleasing myself in self-employed endeavors.

    Your blog is inspiring me to commit to a new career of editing…and perhaps writing a book of my own.

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