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Speaker/Author Tanya Brockett, MBA

Like you, expert and author Tanya Brockett has seen the impact our words have on our success, leadership, and readership. Are the words you speak authentically in line with your own beliefs? Do you inspire others when you communicate or do you unwittingly confuse and deflate them? Is your writing representative of you and your powerful message?

Do you recognize the power of your words?

For over three decades, Tanya has been helping leading international firms, successful entrepreneurs, and emerging and best-selling authors to enhance their impact through their words. Excellent communication is a choice. You can choose to select empowering words that lift your listeners/readers, or you can act as if your words don’t matter and make your audience suffer through your dribble. Either way, your words will make an impact—you must decide if you want that to be positive or negative.


Books by Tanya Brockett

Does your reputation and leadership brand matter? Do you want to diminish your dazzle or do you want to shine? The choice is yours. Tanya’s presentations, books, and materials help you to choose the right message—the one that matters. Unlike many inspirational/motivational speakers, Tanya shares stories peppered with practical tips that you can act on right away. Her experience, her passion, and her enthusiasm for serving others is infused in her messages. You feel Tanya’s positive energy fill the room.

Tanya-300Tanya has been joyfully inspiring, educating, and motivating audiences for years. Clients have called her the “Business Instigator” for the thousands of business ventures and projects she has helped launch. She is also called the “Joyful Authorpreneur” for the award-winning and best-selling books that she helps her authors to publish with joy. She has taught thousands in courses and programs at universities, corporate offices, private workshops, and national conferences. She has led national webinars and been interviewed on national radio and podcast shows (which she adores!). She has authored three books, and contributed to another. These resources are offered at generous bulk rates for you.

Companies like Ernst & Young, the US Small Business Administration, the Project Management Institute, the Association for Talent Development, the National Christian Writers Conference, Verizon, and others have partnered with Tanya to develop their talent so they can act as if success is inevitable. When would now be a good time to bring Tanya in for your group? Well, they say there is no time like the present.

Speaking Topics & Programs

What audiences appreciate most about Tanya is her positive, high-energy presentations and her willingness to spend time with the audience before, during, and after her time on stage. Tanya can tailor a program to your audiences’ needs, but is often asked to speak about the following topics and programs:

  • Communicate Like a Leader: How to put words into action to rise to the top— “If you can’t write, you won’t rise,” says leadership communicator Tanya Brockett. To shine in leadership positions, you have to be able to communicate—well. In keynotes and large presentations, Tanya informs and inspires the audience to reach for their best words. In corporate training events, Tanya Brockett can take audiences through relevant exercises specific to their niche to illustrate the points and to put theory into practice. Tanya shares five steps to more effective communication that will help your management teams communicate clear, concise, and relevant messages that lead to better results. Connect with Tanya to help your team understand the importance of effective written communication so they can be more successful in their current and future roles.
  • Write Something Worthy: How to self-publish like a bestseller—Tanya steps out and tells emerging authors like it is in this surprisingly motivational speech. Tanya addresses the importance of Massaging a Message that Matters and writing well for your readers. She also reviews the Nuts & Bolts of Editing your manuscript so you can be well received in the publishing arena. This program is designed to keep emerging authors from tarnishing their image and diminishing the intelligence of their readers. It inspires authors to produce and publish quality content that makes an impact worthy of recognition.
  • Do Behave as if Success is Inevitable: Using the Wheel of Creation to do, be, and have more in life—Tanya has been inspiring others to be their best for decades, but now she reveals some of the secret sauce behind her recipe for helping her clients to reach success on their own terms. In “Do Behave,” Tanya shares the seven spokes in her Wheel of Creation that will empower people to believe more, achieve more, and be more. “Do Behave” is a delicious blend of success planning and self-improvement that is engaging, yet practical no matter where it is served. This presentation is based on the home learning system at
  • Live Your Best Life Now—Tanya has teamed up with Law of Attraction and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner Sue Ascioti-Plange to create an online webinar to help participants to understand their current life results and learn how to shift them for the better. They can be in the dumps and need to climb out of a hole, or they could be riding high and want to fly higher. Either way, knowing why and how you achieve certain results can allow you to choose the better path in every moment. Tanya distills the five-week webinar program (at into its finest essence for audiences nationwide.

In addition to these programs, Tanya has motivated, educated, and inspired thousands on topics of entrepreneurship, book publishing, small business lending, the editorial process, and more. CLICK HERE to download Tanya’s Selected List of Professional Activities to get a glimpse of the publications, presentations, and media appearances Tanya has been engaged in over the years.

What have others said about Tanya?

You are superb in EVERY way!

Tanya’s dynamic and compelling presentation drove home the importance of effective communication…. Our group enjoyed Tanya’s demonstrated expertise and
 engaging style, and would welcome her back anytime.

Thank you again for capturing my thoughts so eloquently into written words.
You are a true rock star writer!

You are indeed helping others discover identity, grasp purpose, and fulfill destiny.

In addition to taking a lead on the stage, Tanya has also served on the boards of chambers of commerce, business associations, community advisory councils, conference planning teams, and non-profit organizations. She brings her diverse background and rich knowledge to all of her projects, yet she takes joy in serving others, personally.

Tanya is the founding editor of Hallagen Ink, an author services company ( She has a BS in Commerce from the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce and an MBA from James Madison University. She travels nationally from Charlottesville, Virginia, and is available for interviews by phone everywhere. Engage with Tanya through LinkedIn (/TanyaBrockett), Twitter (@TanyaBrockett), and Facebook (/HallagenInk).

To book Tanya now and have her inspire your audience, call her at 434-409-7058 or email her at